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Our Story

As the Mist Jewels family, our goal is to give life to that exclusive woman we call the "Mystic Woman", mysterious, knowing what she wants, curious about her style, but unfailing. We wish to combine the new and old tastes blended with our own taste and what we learned from our elders, who have accumulated experience over many years, on this road we have started. We produce high quality silver products in the 925 carat gold plating class by combining them with our exciting, passionate and original feelings. As a result, we offer you products that do not compromise on their elegance as well as their minimal lines, which are thought through to the smallest detail. We are always ready to complete you with high quality and creative pieces without deviating from our mission and vision. We are here to add sparkle to your light.

Jewelry has the power to be the one thing that makes a woman feel unique. We believe that every piece of Mist is meant for a particular woman. Every Mist piece is there to reflect its wearer's style, mood and personality.