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Product Care

Product Care

Hello #mistbabe, we have some advice for you;

The product is a delicate, carefully produced product. Chemicals such as chlorine, sunscreen, deodorant and perfume can damage your product. You should keep your products in separate boxes so that the chains do not get tangled. If you care with the polished wiping cloth we sent you with the product, the first day's shine will always be with you.



It is best to extract your gemstone, mineral-containing piece of Mist Jewels:

  • While exercising,
  • While swimming in the pool or sea,
  • When applying lotions, hair sprays, perfumes or other beauty products,
  • When using harsh chemicals,

In any of the above situations, it would be better to remove Mist products to maintain quality and vibrancy.



Life is too short to make no mistakes

We are always with you, we will gladly help you in case of user error-related problems for a small repair cost.


E-mailing us at with your name, order number and photos / details will enable us to provide you with detailed information about the product and assist you as soon as possible.